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Trouble again… || Princelightofthenight



She hadn’t even given him a glance the moment the door was open. Violet hues just rolled before slumping down in her chair. Appendages folded across her chest. Him of all people, honestly she would rather have Serah or even her grandfather but no it had to be the one person she didn’t want to see.

"Sir, She busted a kid’s jaw this time and possible fractured his wrist."

The principal said looking over her file several times over slightly confused as to why she had such out burst. Her grades where As and as far as he could tell she was passing with ease. Closing her file his hands folded placing on top of the desk.

"If you don’t do anything about her out burst and constant fighting she will be suspended or possibly expelled."

Expelled.  His daughter, his perfect, straight-A princess, could be expelled.  He couldn’t believe it.  Was she really so angry, so emotional, she could jeopardize so much?  Aurora was smart, and sensible, she knew what kind of consequences this could have for her.  All the more reason this baffled him so much.

"Thank you, sir, I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again."

He knew how it must sound to her.  At her age, he would probably be planning on getting in a fight the next day, just out of spite.  It wasn’t hard to see something was going on with her, and by the way she refused to even look at him, something told him he played a major part in it.  All that meant to him was that he had to be the one to fix this.  He needed to help his daughter resolve whatever was troubling her, he needed to make sure she didn’t get expelled, and. most importantly, he needed his baby girl back.  Noctis gave the principal a nod, then stood.

"Let’s go, Aurora."

Trouble again… || Princelightofthenight




A sharp huff escaped her lips as digits ran against her knuckles. The principals words went unheard as she starred out the window. A brow rose when his threat turned to calling either of her moms. A chuckle fell from tiers.

                                                          “Don’t bother, they are working” 

She muttered softly. Before she could say anything else he called the next person on her contact list. It caused her to snap her head towards the window once more. Now she could only wait for that person to come and hopefully not question her.

"Right, thanks…. Yeah, I’ll be there soon… Bye."

Letting out a long sigh, he hung up and set his phone on the table, tapping the screen irritably for a few seconds.  Another fight?  Seriously?  He didn’t know why he was surprised.  Her two biological parents alone gave her enough hot blood to want to take on the whole school, and with Fang for a stepmother, she was hopeless.  Even so, this was getting out of hand.  He had to do something.

"I have to be somewhere.  I’ll probably be gone a while."

"But we’re about to leave for cake tasting."

They sure were.  He hated to leave his fiancee right now, and he’d certainly been looking forward to trying cakes, but his hands were tied.  This was his daughter, and if something really was up, he had to be there for her.  He turned to his fiancee, giving her an apologetic smile before explaining.

"It’s Aurora.  She got in another fight."

She nodded, looking disappointed but understanding all the same.  She knew how much Noctis loved his kids, and how much he did to be a good father to them, and she also knew that they came first, even if it meant interfering with wedding planning.  It was one reason he loved her so much.  He grabbed his phone, stood, and gave his fiancee a light kiss.

"Go eat cake without me, I know you’ll make the right choice.  But remember, nothing vanilla."

She smiled and smacked him lightly on the head for even suggesting she’d forget about his allergy, then let him go.  The drive to the school took a while, but he pushed every speed limit he could and managed to get there in just under forty-five minutes.  Once he got there, he rushed to the principal’s office his eyes gluing directly to his daughter as soon as he opened the door.  His look was one that let her know she was in major trouble, and that she shouldn’t plan on having much of a social life for a while.  Only when he took his seat did he take his eyes away from his daughter and turn to the principal.



 ░█{ϟ}——”I am tired of hearing it.”█░

A huff of words fell from flanges, snapping at his indirect accusation of his words. It may have been indirect but knowing what he meant kind of hurt. The thought never crossed her mind, waiting seemed far off better then sleeping with the next guy who wanted to hook up.

                                                              ░█{ϟ}——”I would never”█░

"That’s not what I meant."

He planted a soft kiss behind her ear, for good measure.  He knew she would never, and he had no reason to think she would, either.  She’s way too good and too proud for the arrogant nerds over there.  Besides, if she could love him through the Giants and the thousands of miles of distance, he figured he meant more to her than some random guy she works with.  Explaining himself would be a good idea, though, since she definitely wasn’t in the best mood.

                                 "All I was asking is if it makes you think about, you know, us doing that kind of thing.  Cause if you’re planning to steal my virginity, I’d like to get a heads up."

Jokes might be part of his character, but there was some truth in what he said.  There was no question about it; he wanted her, and he wanted her bad.  Still, for reasons that he didn’t really want to share yet, he was conflicted, hesitant even.  This was simply his way of covering his insecurity.

                                                                        "Wait, do you actually hear them?"

Okay, that one, he couldn’t resist.

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 ░█{ϟ}——”In the whole hospital. ”█░

Sliding off her lips softly it almost came out in a whisper. It wasn’t much of an exhausted feeling towards the interns and residents doing things in the call room. She could careless, it was knowing and having enough respect for herself and her partner to not do anything with the other co-workers.

"That sounds… messy."

In every sense of the word.  He couldn’t imagine that not causing a lot of, well, drama, especially if it really is everyone.  Besides, how do you get away with nailing someone in a hospital?  Isn’t everything supposed to be sterile?  He wondered how the patients might feel if they knew their doctor was screwing cute nurses in their cot before they got there.

                                        "So, when you say exhausting…"

So he was curious, big deal.  He’d never accuse her of cheating on him, but with so many people around her doing that, she might get… impatient.

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░█{ϟ}——”Everyone is having sex with everyone.”█░

Words slid from the rim of rosette tiers, lens fluttered open giving the male a glance with out much movement of her personage. Digits brushed through loose strands of rosette locks. Lips pursed as words completely the rather complicated statement that was voiced. An explanation was in order for her prior words. Events at the local hospital on the end of the intern had not seemed professional in any way. Perhaps a perk of being with in the walls of a hospital or a down fall to her fears.

                                                                         ░█{ϟ}——”It’s exhausting.”█░

To be put lightly, that hadn’t been what he was expecting at all.  As soon as those words hit his ears, his eyes were wide open.  She’d actually said that, right?  He wasn’t somehow still dreaming?  Tensions at the hospital must be higher than he thought.  Suddenly, he wasn’t so crazy about her super-long shifts there.

                                                                        “In pediatrics?”

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The break of silence forming with in the atmosphere caused by the sharp suck against her teeth, a sound of frustration echoed through out the comforting home. Following the broken silence a loud roar of wood slamming against wood, the door shut hard. The click of shoes moving from one place to another against wooded floor came to an halt. Persona plopped against the couch next to the slumbering lion. A grumble fell from rosette tiers, crystals fell shut behind thin lids in attempt to ease frustration.

                                                             ░█{ϟ}——”This is exhausting.”█░

Her slams could wake the dead, and even manage to wake Noctis from his slumber with a start.  After rubbing his eyes, they followed her until she plopped down on the couch, nearly landing on him.  Boy, she did not look happy.  He wondered what it could be this time.  Toddlers needing every little thing to be explained, screaming kindergartners that each cried their own rivers over just being there, nurses being passive-aggressive and “accidentally” making her day harder.  She might need a back rub or gourmet dinner tonight.  He didn’t mind, he was whipped.  He snaked his arm around her waist and nuzzled his face against her hair, letting his tired eyes fall shut again.

                                                    "Care to share with the class?"

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