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░█{ϟ}——”See all better, nothing to cry about.”█░

After a moment of tending to the little princess the crying as stopped, turning from sobs of fear to giggles of comfort. Dressed and all ready for the day in a little pink dress and stockings, Claire walked into the living room with the little girl giggling in her arms. With just a smile on her face she poked the little girl’s nose whose giggles just grew when she saw the sigh of her father in the room. Light’s smile faded and she rolled her eyes as she moved from the living room to the kitchen sitting the girl down in her high chair. Aurora tried to turn, looking back at Noctis sitting on the couch. Light sighed and tried to explain.

          ░█{ϟ}——”Daddy is grounded, he can’t play with the princess right now.”█░

The pain in Noctis’ head was nowhere near letting up, but he was becoming more aware of what was going on.  Aurora was up, and Light had taken her to the kitchen, probably for breakfast.  Still feeling as if his skull had had an ice pick driven into it, he laid down on his stomach, so his arms were hanging over the arm of the couch and he was just peaking above his pillow.  Despite how crappy everything was to him right now, he couldn’t help but let a small smile creep onto his face.  She had on a little pink dress, and it was absolutely adorable on her.  She looked like a little doll, except she squirmed way too much to be made out of plastic.  Lifting his arm halfway, he waved at his little princes.  He knew he couldn’t hold her, and shouldn’t even go near her, but he at least wanted to see her and say hi.  Right now, Aurora was the only thing good about his life.

"Hi, baby girl."

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Noctis you are so dead!

"Do you think it wise to be threatening me?"